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for Marilyn Monroe, 1 June 1926, 9:30 am, Los Angeles, CA (US)
and Kennedy John F., 29 May 1917, 3:00 pm, Brookline, MA (US)
The free AstroClick horoscope is a simple reading in which each factor is considered independently of the other elements in the chart. It is intended for fun and entertainment. If you want to read a deeper and more synthesized interpretation of your partner horoscope, we recommend the "Relationship Horoscope" by Liz Greene or the "Horoscope for Two" by Mona Riegger, which can both be ordered in our AstroShop. The interpretations in AstroClick Partner are based on an abbreviated version of AstrOtext Partner by Robert Hand. You can order it too in our AstroShop.


Welcome to AstroClick Partner!

AstroClick Partner is an interactive horoscope which describes the potential of a relationship.

This is a common chart of two partners. It is called a "Composite chart" and is based on two birth data. Just click on any part of the chart and an interpretation of this element will appear.

Have fun!

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