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Relationship Horoscope

for Marilyn Monroe, born on 1 June 1926
and Kennedy John F., born on 29 May 1917
I. Introduction

This short extract gives you a taste of what you will find in your personal Relationship Horoscope by Liz Greene. The small samples taken from various chapters convey an impression of the complete Relationship Horoscope (35-40 pages) which can be ordered as an E-Horoscope or a bound book in the AstroShop.

The report speaks directly to you, Marilyn. Your partner Kennedy is addressed in the third person.

II. What Brings You Together

This chapter is particularly interesting for two people who have just got to know each other. It is about 10 pages in length, and three of the many topics in this chapter are here very briefly touched upon.

Our attraction to another person is rarely as simple as we believe it to be at the time we experience that initial fascination. What we first register about another person is only the tip of a very deep and complex iceberg. You and Kennedy are two distinct individuals each of whom brings to your relationship a defined personality. But what is the specialness of the attraction? What has brought you together?

Strong passions and intense irritation are both likely to erupt between you and Kennedy. His emotional response to you is a tense although exciting mixture of desire and annoyance, and the line between anger and passion [...]

There is great vitality and inspiration in the energy exchange between you and Kennedy, for you spark each other off not only sexually but also in terms of your sense of expansiveness and future possibilities. Your partner's [...]

High tension is likely to build up between you and Kennedy, because the two of you have a way of polarising along the axis of unconventionality versus conservatism, or, put another way, freedom versus control. Although [...]

III. The Essence of Your Relationship

This chapter is divided into three parts which will be briefly outlined here. The chapter describes the character of your relationship and how it affects both you and your partner. In the complete report, this chapter comprises about 15 pages.

Your Relationship as an Independent Entity

The relationship which you and Kennedy create together is a living thing, an independent entity in its own right. It has an essential character or basic nature just as any living thing does. Once we create a relationship, we must also accept and work with the thing we have made.

The keynote of your relationship with Kennedy is unpredictability. It is a creative meeting of minds which generates the inspiration, energy and excitement and transformative potential of the relationship. But this effervescent [...]

Your relationship with Kennedy may not always be the most stable of partnerships. But alongside its unpredictability, it also possesses a quality of expansiveness and optimism which is likely to infuse both your lives [...]

Your Relationship and Yourself

The loving and physically affectionate qualities of this relationship have a powerfully positive effect on your feelings, offering you a sense of security, contentment and personal happiness. You are likely to feel "at [...]

Your Relationship and Your Partner

Kennedy is likely to feel very secure and contained by this relationship, especially by the way in which others see the two of you as a couple. He needs the partnership because it seems to offer a safe and stable structure [...]

IV. Deeper Issues Activated Inside

This extensive chapter describes both yours and your partner's attitudes and expectations regarding relationships, and the effect these have on your actual relationships. This chapter is about 10 pages long.

The transformative potential of your relationship with Kennedy may be greater than you realise. Every important human bond activates many levels of the personality, and some of these levels are unconscious and unrecognised. All of us bring our own inner issues and preconceptions into a relationship with another person. A relationship involves not only the chemistry between the two personalities, but also our unconscious images of what it is to be a man or woman. The inner images of man and woman which we all carry are really pictures of our own needs, expectations and potentials. And each deep relationship we encounter in life could activate a quite different aspect of our inner world, presenting us with very different challenges and bringing very different responses out of us.



These small samples from different chapters convey an impression of your personal Relationship Horoscope which comprises 35 - 40 pages. It can be ordered as an E-Horoscope or bound booklet in the Astroshop.

Please read a complete sample report (of different persons) to get an overview of the extent of the complete horoscope.

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Relationship Horoscope

by Liz Greene

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