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Beyond Midlife

for Marilyn Monroe, born on 1 June 1926

This short excerpt offers you a taste of "Beyond Midlife - Your Horoscope for Life after 40" by Markus Jehle. Short samples from individual chapters will give you an impression of his full analysis, which is 40 to 50 pages long and is available for purchase at the Astroshop as an e-horoscope or printed and bound.

Dear reader,

this horoscope for the years beyond midlife is a special opportunity to look into your past, your present and your future. Whatever your current age, you will be able to examine the themes currently most prevalent in your life and, looking back on earlier years, understand the course of events that has led you to this point. At the same time, you can look ahead and get a sense for future developments in order to orient yourself accordingly and adjust your plans and decisions to what is to come.

The texts in your horoscope for the second half of your life are meant to encourage biographical self-reflection. I hope you will allow them to stimulate, enrich, and surprise you.

With warm regards

Markus Jehle


Your Life Path - Who You Are and What You Want to Bring to Life

This chapter deals with qualities that define you and that will accompany you on your life path. Your character determines your personal fate. By understanding more and more who you truly are, you can shape your fate according to your desires.

Words are Golden

Creatively implementing your mental and intellectual abilities has always been one of your greatest gifts from a young age. Clever as you were, you always thought of a way to get attention. You were a born entertainer and you set great store in appealing to your audience with your showmanship. Thanks to your creative nature you regularly had new ideas for staging performances that [...]


Between 40 and 50: In the Middle of Life - Challenges and Opportunities

The desire for freedom and individuality will now swell unexpectedly. At the same time, your potential to come into your own reaches its peak. The middle of your life will show what you can achieve with your ambitions, but you may also hear a call for other purposes.

Perfect Presence

Neptune square Neptune:
Dec. 1965 until Oct. 1967
40th to 42nd year of life

Those dreams where you could slip into any role and offer the world a perfect image of yourself were beautiful, weren't they? A nearly perfect body, flawless charisma and a carefully rehearsed demeanor were the gateway to heaven in your mind. For years, you did everything you could in order to exude a special radiance, but now you must recognize that it also led you to overlook a few other things. Your breathtaking, almost chameleon-like [...]

The complete version of this chapter discusses a total of 6 planetary influences.


Between 50 and 60: Your Best Years - Channeling Your Potential and Achieving Mastery

By now you are fully at home in the second half of your life. In this chapter you will read about areas where you can continue to put your potential to use. Your late fifties will show what you have achieved and completed in your life so far.

Healing Messages

Chiron conjunction Chiron:
May 1976 until Feb. 1978
50th to 52nd year of life

Not having a meaningful, satisfying long-term outlook on life has continuously made it hard for you to orient yourself. You could never believe in anything for too long without encountering doubts. At times, you were even convinced of the exact opposite of what you had considered right and true only a short while earlier. Thus, for a long time you were unable to develop goals and tenable convictions to work towards and build upon. At fifty, [...]

The complete version of this chapter discusses a total of 9 planetary influences.


Between 60 and 70: From Obligation to Freedom - Time to Freestyle

For most people, the phase between 60 and 70 represents the transition into retirement. That's why this chapter begins with a paragraph about creative potentials you might want to live out to a greater extent now.

Pure Joie de Vivre

When it comes to having fun and enjoying the sunny side of life, you tend to show yourself from a generous and tolerant side. You love to draw from an abundance of resources in your leisure activities, and you have a lot to offer on the creative level. Thus, you welcome hobbies that are amusing and fun. What's most important to you is that your endeavors have a meaningful purpose [...]

You are probably accustomed to your hobbies making you appear a little less than ordinary. It brings you joy not to be like everybody else and pursue your own self-determined, highly idiosyncratic creative tendencies. You enjoy things that are highly [...]

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Uranus square Uranus:
Jan. until Dec. 1988
62nd to 63rd year of life

Your gift for getting out of commitments and contractual obligations with astounding speed will once more open up new prospects for your life in your early sixties. You now have the opportunity to free yourself from relationships that have increasingly come to restrict you and rob you of your autonomy over the years. With all your life experience, it won't necessarily surprise you that you are able to overcome the crises this may [...]

The complete version of this chapter discusses a total of 5 planetary influences.


Between 70 and 80: Fit for Old Age - Life Tasks Completed

In the years between 70 and 80, your age will become harder to ignore. Nonetheless, this life stage still offers opportunities for self-understanding. It's time to condense your experiences and distill the essential insights they have to offer.

Joyful Encounters

Jupiter conjunction Jupiter:
Jan. 1998
72nd year of life

Your gift for expecting the best of people will remain the key to your happiness and fulfillment as you advance in age. Even if your number of promising friendships decreases as you age, you still have many opportunities to profit from a benevolent and fair sense of togetherness in your community. By now you are very experienced in correctly evaluating the potential your encounters hold, and are getting better and better at recognizing which [...]

The complete version of this chapter discusses a total of 7 planetary influences.


80 and Beyond: Detachment and Transcendence - The Circle Closes

This period of life is about letting go and closing the circle. Your focus on what is essential now enables you to detach internally and to find closure with anything still preventing you from saying farewell without regrets.

Farewells and New Beginnings

Saturn conjunction Ascendant:
July until Aug. 2006
81st year of life

This phase of your life will uncover the physical effects of aging. It's quite possible that there will be burdens and challenges that you feel less and less up to facing. Even the things that you once enjoyed tackling with great vigor can now become inconveniences. Accepting the associated limitations requires you to practice setting boundaries and doing without. Focus your activities on what really matters, even if this results [...]

Embodiment and Transcendence

Neptune opposition Neptune:
Mar. 2007 until Jan. 2009
81st to 83rd year of life

One of your greatest pleasures in life was making an impression that is as perfect and fully formed as possible. You wanted to present yourself as a downright angel and appear in an almost ideal light at all times. Your gift of being able to slip in and out of various roles has led you to provoke confusion and perplexity in your fellow human beings, usually - but not always - unintentionally. Staying concealed and keeping your [...]

The complete version of this chapter discusses a total of 18 planetary influences.


These short excerpts from different chapters give you a taste of your personal "Horoscope for Life after 40," which is approximately 40 to 50 pages long and available to order as an e-horoscope or printed and bound at the Astroshop.

Please read a full sample analysis (for a different person) in order to get an overview of the full horoscope.

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Beyond Midlife

A Horoscope by Markus Jehle

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