The Best Time

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for Marilyn Monroe, 1 June 1926, 9:30 am, Los Angeles, CA (US)

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This horoscope uses a 'reference place', which is set to Tarragona, Spain.
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"The Best Time"

Online Electional Horoscope
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What is Electional Astrology?

Just like a natal chart can offer information about the personality of a person, there are natal charts for events, e.g. starting a business, weddings, contracts, travel, etc. From an astrological perspective the signing of a contract is simply the moment when the business stated in the contract is born. The quality of time of this moment will unfold as the object of the contract develops.

Electional Astrology, however, not only examines an existing natal chart, but looks for the astrologically appropriate moment for a particular intention. In "The Best Time", a horoscope is calculated for each hour in the selected period. These horoscopes are evaluated and weighted according to the astrological rules for this question and including the selected birth dates. Afterwards, all calculated horoscopes are displayed graphically in a timeline, so that you can choose the best time for your project.

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Astrology, not Magic

election zodiacPlease note that this kind of astrology cannot give you a guarantee of succes. It shows astrological tendencies and must be brought in line with the actual circumstances and life situations. For example, if you ask "When is the best time for sowing seeds?" for a period of time in the middle of winter, the best times from an astrological perspective will be shown, however, your project will hardly bear fruit. Even with ideal conditions, there is no guarantee that a project will be successful.

Personal talent, willpower, diligence and stamina, etc. are just as important for a successful outcome of an undertaking as good astrological timing. The Electional Horoscope can support you in your endeavor by giving you the best times for your actions. But, please, always keep in mind reality and the actual circumstances with this kind of astrology!