Extended Daily Horoscope

The Subscription at a Glance

  • Free choice of date for 5 years (a time span from three years before and one year after the current year)
  • Free choice of all transits of the day
  • Access to important long-term influences
  • The Love Horoscope for each day
  • Celestial Events for each day (mundane)
  • Planetary Hours
  • For all birth data stored in your profile
  • Ad-Free Website
  • Well-priced subscription for 1 year

Free Choice of Transits

astronomical clockDuring a whole day you usually experience a mixture of different "qualities" of time. The online Daily Horoscope tends to find several transits and influences for each day - which can complement but also contradict each other. The Extended Daily Horoscope gives you access to all these transits and allows you to better understand the quality of time. You can access any Daily Horoscope for any day within a time frame of 5 years. Whether you want to check out what was happening last Monday, or what the stars will tell you about the weekend, or to find the best moment for the start of a new project. View it

The Love Horoscope

love horoscopeThe Love Horoscope, as a part of the Extended Daily Horoscope, offers you additional texts about love, relationships and sensuality on each day. When is the best time to welcome love with open arms? When should you be active, and when should you just wait and let things happen? Let these refreshing interpretations inspire you. View it

Celestial Events

phases of the moonAs a special service for astrologers the Extended Daily Horoscope features the mundane constellations for every day: current planetary aspects, rising and setting times of the Sun and Moon, as well as some more events in the current sky. You can access them for the whole period covered by your subscription. Every Horoscope of the Moment can be saved in your personal profile with one click. View it

Ad-Free Website

For the duration of the subscription the website will be automatically free of 3rd party advertisements

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  • Daily Horoscopes can be shown for all natal data stored in "My Astro" for any date within a range of 5 years: the current year, the next year, the three years before the current year.
  • All transits and influences calculated by the computer for a particular day can be selected and displayed.
  • The subscription lasts for 12 or 2 months respectively from the date of your order. The Extended Daily Horoscope is activated after your payment. The subscription expires automatically after the reference period. You will receive a reminder email a few days before the expiry date so you can renew it on time.
  • This service is connected to your "My Astro" profile. In order to gain access to the Extended Daily Horoscope, you need to have registered for a personal user profile. In case you have no registered user profile, it will be created automatically when you place your order. Please, write down your registration data and do not delete your registered profile. Any change of birth data in your profile will also affect the outcome of the Daily Horoscope.
  • The Extended Daily Horoscope is for private use only and is subject to Astrodienst's copyright. Any commercial use or inclusion in other online services are prohibited, unless authorized by Astrodienst AG.
  • The Daily Horoscope was written by the American astrologer Robert Hand. It can also be ordered in the shape of a printed A5 booklet - the "Personal Horoscope Calendar" - in our shop.

On Thursdays a part of the Extended Daily Horoscope is free for everybody. Please test it out!

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Inlcuded: Ad-Free Website for the duration of the subscription.